The Minister’s Wife

About a year ago I resurrected a newsletter for wives of ministers, and the catchy title for this little missive is The Minister’s Wife. I send this out monthly via email, and I have just under two hundred women who receive it. Most are married to ministers, and some are wives of elders. They are from several different denominations and hail not only from the States, but also from England, Scotland, Australia, South Africa, the Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico,  and even Montenegro (former Yugoslavia). As I look over the names on my list of contacts, I am struck by the fact that the world is full of pulpits with faithful men thundering out the Word week after week. But my point in bringing all this up is to say that if you are a minister’s wife who would like to receive my newsletter for wives, drop me a comment and I will contact you.

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53 thoughts on “The Minister’s Wife

  1. I can’t tell you how many times I have been encouraged, convicted and inspired by your work. I look forward to my newsletter every month, anticipating a hunk of practical wisdom to chew on!


  2. I would love to receive the newsletter. My husband is now the teaching elder of a small church. It is our first church to be in this position. I am excited and look forward to your wise words.

  3. Oh, I would love to receive the newsletter as well. I found your blog very recently, but I have already been blessed in many ways. It’s hard to believe my husband has been preaching pastor for 5 years now, and I still feel so young and tremendously inexperienced.

  4. I, too, would love to receive the newsletter. My husband has just started his fourth year @ Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. One thing I appreciate about PRTS is their sem students wives bible study. A great place to gain the insightful wisdom from ‘seasoned’ pastor’s wives. I’d love to learn from your newsletter as well. Thanks for this opportunity…and your blog!

  5. I am the fiancé of a man who is pursuing being a pastor… Do i count? We will be getting married in the next 9 months and then will move onto Seminary and Lord willing be involved in full time ministry while he finishes schooling. I will take ANY wisdom I can get about this new and exciting life of being a pastors wife.

  6. I’m in the midst of courting a pastor-to-be and would love to get a head start on gathering good advice! That being said, if this is strictly for current wives I’ll make sure to remember for later 🙂

  7. I already receive it and LOVE it. Thank you!!! It’s always so encouraging and convicting.

    And regarding Michelle’s comment, we are baptisty as well – I think C/A should be required reading for our entire crowd, lol.

  8. Hi Nancy…how does this work? Can you glean my address from where I filled it in in the comment form? I’d love to receive your newsletter. My husband is a deacon, not a pastor, but I need all the help I can get. Thanks so much.

  9. Yes Please Nancy. I have recently started reading your blog and have benefited so much from your books on being a wife and a mother. Iw ould love to get the email newsletter. My husband is currently a curate in the Church if England. We are beginning to look for our next post!

  10. I’d like to receive your email too. I’m married to a pastor and a friend recently told me about your writing.

  11. I would love to receive your newsletter. I have been following you (blog) for about 5 months now and are always encouraged. We have been in ministry for 14 years (youth, pastor, now assoc. pastor/children). We could definitely use your godly wisdom! 🙂 Thanks so much!!

  12. I’m always encouraged/challenged by writings coming out of the Wilson household. 🙂 Please add me to the list – my husband is an elder.

  13. Dear Nancy,

    Thank you so much for the offer. I would love to receive your newsletter. My husband is now the senior pastor of a church in Colorado Springs.

    Do you remember having dinner at Bob & Jill’s with us? It was many moons ago, and my husband was the associate pastor at that time. (My then baby boy who sat on Bob’s lap all night is almost 5 years old now!)

    Although I’ve learned tons about being a pastor’s wife in the years since, I know I have tons more to learn! =)

    P.S. Bob & Jill are such a blessing to us!

  14. Oh, I was just saying to my mother the other day how much I need and would love some godly advice in this very area. What a blessing. I’d love to receive this newsletter.

  15. I am an elder’s wife. I have been asking and looking for advice/encouragement in this area. I would love to receive the newsletter. Thank you.

  16. Please could you send me the newsletter.
    My husband is an assistant pastor and I would certainly value your advice and encouragement.

  17. Oh yes, yes, yes… would be wonderful to receive your newsletter. My husband is a pastor in Cocoa Beach, FL.

  18. Nancy,
    I have considered you a mentor for years. I live in Southern California, and my husband has been the preaching pastor of Grace Reforrmed Church for 16 years. I would love to receive your newsletter.

  19. Hi Nancy,

    I received the newsletter up until January, then it stopped arriving. Would you please add me to the list again? And, is it possible to resend me the newsletters from February ’til now?

    Many Thanks,
    Moriah Barach

  20. Mrs. Wilson,
    What wonderful news–a newsletter from one of my favorite pastor’s wives! Please add me to the list!
    Your book, “The Fruit of Her Hands,” is still one of my favorite and oft-quoted books. Chapter 4 alone is something I recommend regularly to women in the church.
    Many thanks,

  21. Nancy,
    I would love to receive this publication. My husband is in elder training currently, and any godly insight will be a blessing to me. Thank you for your faithfulness.
    Gratefully, Denise

  22. Hi Mrs. Wilson, I am not a minister’s wife, but my mother in law is. I would love to recieve this publication and translate it into portuguese (if you allow me to do so). Thank you.

  23. yes, please. My husband is a gospel preaching pastor in the PCUSA–its own mission field, he sometimes jokes. Seriously, if all the conservative congregations hadn’t left the liberals wouldn’t have a majority . . . thanks for your encouragement.

  24. Nancy, I am on your list already but my email has changed to this one. Please correct it on your list. Thanks, Sarah

  25. Dear Mrs. Wilson,

    My husband and I serve among a young English congregation in a Chinese immigrant church. Every Sunday, I am that “older woman” among many young girls. Thank you for being that “older woman” in my young life of learning to be a mother and wife.

  26. My husband is a pastor in Bend Oregon, and I would love to receive your monthly newsletter. Being the wife of a pastor is a unique and sometimes hard life, but oh what a privilege to serve our Lord in this way!

  27. Could you please add me to your list? I’ve been reading your blog sporadically for some months after some random “link-clicking” led me to it. Thank you!

  28. Nancy,

    My husband is a pastor; I would love to receive your newsletter for pastor’s wives. I stumbled onto your blog a few months ago, and I’ve greatly appreciated your spiritual insights (and the fun stuff too!).

  29. Just discovered your site…I would be interested to receive your newsletter. I am a pastor’s wife in PA. Thank you!

  30. Hi there! I was referred by the wife of my former youth pastor. I would love to be added to the list, as I’m marrying next month, and he’s a youth pastor, hoping to go full time soon. Thank you so much!

  31. I love reading everything you write. My husband and I are beginning a church plant. I would love to receive your newsletter!

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