Smile at the Cold

Last year around this time I posted a beautiful picture of our autumn colors on the Palouse. This year we have been zapped with hard-hitting low temps before all the trees have had a chance to hit their zenith of color with all their crazy shades of leafy yellow, orange, and red. And it’s the weirdest thing: the leaves are a frozen eerie green-gray, and they are falling off in mass. We are about to enter winter without autumn. (Sounds like Narnia’s plight of always winter and never Christmas.) Even those things which seem to be fixed for all time (like the seasons) are under God’s sovereign command. He does as He pleases and He rules over all. And if it suits Him to skip autumn or spring, then that is exactly what happens. And when I think of it that way, I can smile at the cold.

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6 thoughts on “Smile at the Cold

  1. What a lovely reminder that all things are in His hands, even our disappointment over missing a beautiful fall season. Thank you for the reminder that it’s not a mistake when these things happen. We appreciate the colors all the more the next time He brings them!

  2. Is. 29: 16 “…or shall the thing formed say of him who formed it, He has no understanding?” Indeed the Lord does all His holy will. Thanks for your encouragement to smile at the “cold.”

  3. The thought of missing fall never even crossed my mind. I thought it was always like this here. Next year – I shall look forward to fall!

  4. When the weather surprises me, it sometimes makes me smile when I realize that God planned it that way, regardless of my plans. I wish I could say I always smiled in those circumstances.

  5. In Northern Ireland we have become increasingly grateful of the autumn as we have missed summer the past few years!

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