Sweet Chickens

img_2288.JPGMy oldest little girl turned five ten days ago, and among her various presents she received $5 of her very own money from my grandparents. And what did this child after my own heart want to spend this money on? A notebook, and page protectors. She was telling me about how much she loved them (using my knitting pattern notebook as an example), and I suggested she buy herself one. Elation! We went out to WalMart last night and came home with this pink prize and 25 of her very own page protectors. First thing this morning she was down to business in her pajamas, filling up the notebook. This splashy chicken is “Solanda” (I know not where that comes from, but I love it!). As for the inside artwork, the first page is a selection of Solanda’s highly decorative eggs – she does a very nice job with those eggs of hers! Can you tell that both Solanda and I are proud?

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6 thoughts on “Sweet Chickens

  1. Are you sure she turned 5? Seriously… I don’t think I can draw a festive chicken that well… and I’ve taken college level art classes! She’s amazing!! Way-to-go Lina & Happy Birthday!

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