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So I just can’t resist popping this up for you all. (Sorry it’s so small, but that’s as big as it gets.) My husband is busy in NYC, and one of the things he busied himself with today was appearing on the “Joy Behar Show” which is airing tonight. This is part of the promotion of the documentary Collision which he was in with Christopher Hitchens (and you can buy at Amazon or Canon). I hear from someone on the set that Joy scolds him about spanking! Should be entertaining.


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15 thoughts on “Tune in to this

  1. How hilarious. Boy, is this woman in over her head! Truly, she has one of the worst shows on television. We have only the few channels that float over the air, so I missed this, but oh, how I wish I hadn’t. Someone post a run-down!

  2. I watched this last night and encouraged our son do to so also. He sat for five or so minutes and then stood up to leave the room. I asked why and he replied, “I’m not watching this any longer. She doesn’t even give Pastor Wilson time to answer before she interupts him.”

  3. Thank you for posting the link to the video. Wow, that was an active interview. We had to watch more than once to get it all. Great job, Douglas Wilson!!

  4. Saw a snippet of this. I don’t understand why Mr. Wilson, in response to Joy’s question regarding if he really believed the story of the ark, replied something about us humans being “animals and we talk”. I’m sure I’m missing his point…..

  5. Pastor Wilson was very gracious in this segment. I commend him for being so. As for the part where Joy says that (about killing the Amalekites) “that’s not very Christian,” she may not have been informed that the killing of the Amalekites was before the coming of Christ. Although we know Christ existed already, as in Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, He had not come to die. The key word being “die.”

    Also, as for the belief of snakes talking and Noah’s Ark, I couldn’t see how these truths could be too far-fetched. Animals talk, not in english, but in their own language, just as many people decieve (as the serpent in the garden) with their words. The words they speak are not the language they are enforcing. Just as when someone speaks in a language one may not comprehend, it doesn’t mean that person isn’t speaking- it being the same analogy with the serpent (snake) in the garden.

  6. She certainly WAS in over her head, and unaware of it as far as I could see. But his gentle graciousness towards her was a great testimony.
    He appeared calm and at ease, how marvelous to see the Holy Spirit at work on network TV!

  7. Watched my pre-ordered DVD last night and it was AAAAAAWESOME! I loved it from a documentary-film-as-art perspective as much as I loved the debate! It totally has me munching on the question, “Am I living an authentic Christian life?” BRAVOS to everyone involved in that film! I was impressed with Doug Wilson’s class and joviality throughout, AND I am so GRATEFUL that the film was edited with balanced respect for both sides. I find it sad when Christians treat non-Christians (or anyone) with disrespect. I was expecting excellence, and I was not disappointed!

    Sorry for gushing! And I’m sooooooo excited that it will be showing in Austin! 🙂

  8. Just came back from the showing of Collision (NYC), and am so very thankful for what the Lord does through Pastor Wilson! Had the Q&A session follow the 2nd showing of the movie, I would have loved to tell him in person how much I appreciate the pearls of wisdom that I glean from reading your blog.

    God bless you both!

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