Old Books Make Good Gifts

 If you are thinking about Christmas gifts for the book lover in your family, especially the person who loves and adores first editions of anything by Lewis, Tolkien, Chesterton, or Wodehouse, then be sure to check out the books my friend (and co-Nana) Diane Garaway has for sale at Santacruz Books. We have a few from her shelves as you can see.


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8 thoughts on “Old Books Make Good Gifts

  1. What a surprise I found when I opened Femina looking for some wisdom!
    Just to let everyone know, gift certificates are available and also a 20% discount when books ordered directly from me.
    Thanks, Nancy!

  2. The best thing to do is to visit my store by clicking on the link on Femina or Blog and Mablog. If there is anything of interest I may be contacted at santacruzbooks@gmail.com.
    Also, I have many titles that I have not gotten around to posting and I also will search for obscure books. I am here to serve!

  3. Here’s a customer testimonial:

    Diane is amazing at finding just the right book for the right person! Her stock is full of great materials, and she is helpful at finding just the right thing for you. All of her books are the highest quality and we have several on our shelves too!

  4. First the Canon Press sale and now this. I have such a case of book-lust. My husband is laying the hardwood floor in our newly converted library room this weekend…the shelves will be crying for more books.

  5. Ooooh, so very tempting! I’m very glad to know about the website. Is there a retail outlet? I’m supposed to be in Santa Cruz sometime this coming spring.


  6. Hi Kamilla. The outlet is my home but all are welcome! Would love to meet you when you are in Santa Cruz.

  7. I tend to read a lot of sf for entertainment. There is one sf book that is very pricey that I want., 1959 The Star Conquerors by Ben Bova. I have seen it as low as $200. Don’t suppose some know of somewhere a little cheaper?

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