A Hot Tip for Good Money

Years ago I took a speed-sewing class because those were the days when my sewing machine was in nearly constant use, and I was always looking for a shortcut. I loved sewing for the family, and it gave me great pleasure to see a job actually finished that I wouldn’t have to do again the next day (like the dishes).

I started sewing in high school and sometimes my dad would laugh that he was going to come in and throw a bucket of water on the machine to cool it off. My motto then was “Sew it tonight; wear it tomorrow.” I found out years later that my dear mother would redo zippers and re-set sloppy sleeves while I was at school. I never even noticed! She didn’t want to discourage me by insisting that I redo the reckless seams, but at the same time, she couldn’t bear to see me go to school in some of those outfits. So I just continued to sew like crazy, although I did eventually begin to take more care on the details.

So it strikes me as funny now that I actually took a speed sewing class. (What I really needed was a slow sewing class.) At any rate, I was just remembering one of the hot tips I learned from that class, and I was thinking of all the many applications it has. Here’s the hot tip: to speed up your sewing, eat chocolate and drink coffee. Actually, that is sage advice, and I paid good money to learn it. So, to justify that expense from twenty years ago, I decided to use that hot tip this afternoon to help me speed-grade some ninth-grade quizzes. I tell you, it works like a charm.

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14 thoughts on “A Hot Tip for Good Money

  1. That was such an unexpected ending….I am laughing like crazy into my mocha latte as I read it! And get some high quality work done after dinner.

  2. Well, I just busted out laughing at this one! After spending all day at school today, I needed this tip. Thanks!

  3. Could your mom come over to my house and just follow me around for a couple days? ‘Cause I don’t have any coffee in the apartment to help me get everything done πŸ™‚

  4. =) I would love to take that advice right now because speed and concentration is what I need to get this paper/presentation done. It is not meant to be for another six months, however, as I should not indulge at the expense of this little one residing in me.

    I am sure to remember this one in days to come! Thank you. Perhaps for now, I should settle for closing my internet browser, to gain speed and concentration that is. *wink*

  5. That’s exactly what I need to do to unpack all my boxes and get this house into shape so we can decorate for Christmas. I really dislike moving right before Advent but that’s the way it goes sometimes. The goal: Get everything unpacked and put away in time to decorate by Saturday morning. Chocolate and coffee here I come!

  6. Oh my… a real live LOL erupted from me when I read about your “hot tip.”

    Seriously, I am wanting to start my own business, and my sllllooooowww sewing is really the main thing that is keeping it from getting off the ground. (Well, that and my disorganization, but I won’t go into that here;)) I was thinking you were going to offer us some great idea…. and now that I think of it, what could be greater than permission to consume extra coffee and chocolate?!


  7. I actually have a rather large (well, large for me!) Sewing project that I need to finish for a Christmas gift, and it sounds like this is the post I needed to hear! Thanks!

  8. It just occurred to me today that consuming mocha would increase your efficiency even more since you can consume both essential nutrients at the same time. That with a little peppermint helped me bust through a massive amount of shopping today πŸ˜€

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