Two in Every Way

img_2459.JPGLet me recommend the fabulous cookbook Hello Cupcake which is full of silly cupcakes, as you may well have guessed. I was sorely tempted to use the picture from the book, rather than this picture of the ones that I made. (My husband kindly whittled laffy-taffy into the tongues for me – what a man!) The book is absolutely a must for anyone with children.

I don’t know if the birthdays sneak up on you in your house, but over here I always know they are coming for weeks and weeks and weeks, and then, at the last moment, they surprise me by being tomorrow. Anyway, this book is full of simple ways to delight children through making cupcakes out of things that you can very easily keep on board year round. This does not completely deal with the birthday sneak-up, but it helps! Titus adores this book – fishing it off my cookbook shelf and pouring over it page by page. He knows the binding, and even if I move it, he will find it. He has taken his love so far as to actually lick the page, and he now affectionately calls it “my book.”

So let me recommend that you all put this one on your Christmas lists if you don’t already have it. You know, on second thought, you could just buy it for your toddlers and borrow it when you need it!

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15 thoughts on “Two in Every Way

  1. The song from the musical cake plate is ringing in my ears…and it occurs to me that the kids each got TWO cupcakes when they were served one…know the Wilson people loved that! Happy Birthday to the twins!

  2. So cute. Two of my children have birthdays within two weeks of Christmas which doesn’t help with the sneaking up factor as I’m usually pretty focused on Christmas. The cupcake book sounds perfect for fun ideas I’ll have to check it out…..Although my girls (3 and 4) spend hours telling me in great detail about their dream cakes :o) They usually are pretty easy to please when it comes down to it.

  3. Those aren’t just cupcakes…they’re pupcakes! 😉

    I’ve been known to aver that I won’t get into cupcakes, but will just stick with cakes. Is there something magical about la petits gâteaux that should persuade me to change my mind?

  4. They are very cute! I love making upcakes for my kids birthdays – I have done the cookie monster ones I found on the internet. Problem was none of the children really knew wh cookie monster was…sigh.

  5. My kids and I looked up Hello Cupcake on Amazon after reading your blog. We thoroughly enjoyed the demonstration videos they had! We all were awed by your wonderful cupcakes. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I got that book this summer and have used it regularly for birthday and school parties. Haven’t made the Scotties yet – yours look great. If you ever tackle the Party Princesses on page 100 be ready to spend some serious time rolling out gum drops. O’ and you can turn some princesses into princes by shortening the cape and adding a pretzel sword. Hope you all had a fun party!

  7. lol, Valerie. We call all of them “pupcakes” around here, thanks to the pronunciation wonders of a 2 year old, but these *really* are pupcakes.

    Lizzijank, one way to make these even more delightful for the really little ones is to leave the tray full of pupcakes on a low table. Then forget that you have done this and turn away for a minute or two. It will get very quiet, and then when you turn around you will be down a few pupcakes (wrappers and all) but you will have gained a very happy, very chocolatey baby to kiss and clean up. 🙂

  8. Very cute. I bet Athan would love one of those books for Christmas. 😉 I think he’s only 2 months older than your twins.

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