Switching things up

Since spring is coming, and since Bekah has a new computer (and she’s got skills), she is sprucing up our Femina blog with a new look. And she also has a nice camera and took this shot of some tulips in my sink this afternoon, which became the inspiration for our new header. So don’t be surprised by the new look. We like rearranging the furniture too!

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28 thoughts on “Switching things up

  1. k,
    We miss that yellow too. Bekah is working on it…we were thinking of something cheery, either keeping the yellow or going with a springy green. She hasn’t been able to break the code on that part yet. You’ll know when she does! Meanwhile, light gray is all we can get.

  2. The lovely touch of Spring is very welcome, especially on this gray winter day. The flowers are beautiful. It reminds me that after this cold and blah(our snow is no longer white, but brown and dirty and the sky is a pale shade of gray) will come warmth, life, and beauty.

  3. It occurred to me, upon reading the new bio on the Welcome page, that although Rachelizzie is credited with five offspring, I don’t recall the springing-off of number five ever being announced. Did I miss it? Or did I misplace my brain? Or was Bekah just being proactive?

  4. Are we going to get the links back, or am I just missing them. I like “Sweet Peas and Happy Things” or some such thing as that.

  5. Valerie,
    Thanks for noticing that Janks #5 has not yet arrived. But Lord willing, come April, we will have a new little Janks lady! Bekah was the one doing the springing ahead!

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