Shower Giving

With all the sweet babies being added to the families in our congregation, as well as the long line-up of upcoming weddings in our church bulletin, the question of who should be the one to host the baby or bridal shower is very relevant indeed. Take a look over at Protocol Matters for a great article on this tender topic.

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4 thoughts on “Shower Giving

  1. I have a question regarding showers that I hope some wise women can help with. I’m expecting my 4th baby, my second boy, and really need nothing for him. It is the custom of the ladies of my church to give a shower for *every* baby. My last baby was my first boy, so I consented because that seem to make more sense. But I’m very uncomfortable having having a shower for my second boy. What is the gentle response in this situation? Should I refuse even if they insist? Or give in out of respect for them?

  2. Dear Catherine,
    Showers are all about welcoming little covenant children into the church community, and celebrating the goodness of God in blessing us with families. This is particularly important for us since we live in a child-and-pregnancy-hostile culture. A shower is a way for the women to celebrate and rejoice together. It is a good thing to do. If you really don’t need a thing, tell the hostess that you would be happy to fore-go the gifts. But if she insists, then perhaps you need some diapers or wet-wipes. We often have a card for ladies to slip some money into for a new stroller or something. It is sometimes much harder to receive than it is to give. So I encourage you to allow them the pleasure of giving to you.

  3. Catherine–here’s an idea: maybe you could request that it be a “book” shower–whether new or nice hand-me-down books, every family can use more books! 🙂

  4. Thank you! I have to admit that I’ve been concerned about how it will appear to others. I’ve already gotten comments about having my fourth child (it will be the fourth in 5 years) and I hate the idea of people thinking “ugh, she just had a baby, now she wants more stuff?” But I see now this is my own issue and its best to graciously accept.

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