One Clean Shirt

My husband can tell what kind of week I am having by the number of clean (ironed) shirts in his closet. If he only has one shirt to choose from each morning, that means I am barely keeping up, probably only one eyeball above the water. And that’s the kind of week this has been. But now I have cleared all the big hurdles of the week, and Bekah is fixing homemade pizza for dinner. ( How nice is that?)

Today is Hero Sidney Merkle’s seventh birthday, and she requested homemade pizza. (I’m so glad she didn’t ask for corndogs!) I had the pleasure of taking her out for a birthday date after school. First we got a sparkle mini donut at Starbucks and chocolate milk to go with it. Then we hit the sale rack at Old Navy. Now isn’t this adorable? And tomorrow I may get some shirts ironed!

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15 thoughts on “One Clean Shirt

  1. Happy Birthday to Miss Hero! and three cheers for sparkle mini donuts at Starbucks…my girls had some today too:)

  2. For my husband it would be the number of clean black socks. If he’s down to one precious pair left you know the week fell to pieces.

    What a great coat!! Happy birthday to the missy. That’s a perfect seven-year-old smile.

  3. Well, that just might be the most adorable picture I’ve seen allll day… and that’s saying quite a lot as I have been blog hoppin’ all morning;)

    Happy Birthday Miss Cutie Hero?

  4. Adorable jacket- I may need to pop on over to Old Navy! And I don’t know whether or not to be encouraged or discouraged by the shirt situation: I keep believing I will have that under control once I’ve been washing and ironing for 20-30 years! I had to laugh, because so many days we find ourselves in the same boat. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope your weekend is restful!

  5. JC Penney Stafford Wrinkle-Free shirts. You can usually find them on sale. If your husband is an engineer, that plus taking them out of the dryer/off the line quickly will be sufficient. If he’s a banker, I suppose it’s not sufficient. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Aw, we both have 7 year old granddaughters born on the 25th. And they both have that toothless grin. Precious.

  7. I’ve been dying to know for a while: Where did the Merkles find the name Hero? I know it’s a name used in “Much Ado About Nothing” and it’s the name of the Greek hero Leander’s sweetheart, but why did they choose to use it?

    My daddy loves homemade pizza; it’s one of his favorite meals. Good choice.

  8. Heather – here’s the inside scoop on the name Hero! We had to have a “system” for choosing our names . . . because we were stumped on coming up with anything. So our boys are named after a preacher and a warrior (good postmillennial statement there!) and the girls are named for a famous beautiful woman and a poet. So here’s the list:
    Knox Alexander: for John Knox (preacher) and Alexander the Great (warrior)
    Jemima Donne: for Job’s daughter (beautiful woman) and John Donne (poet)
    Belphoebe Anne: Belphoebe for the character in Sidney’s Faerie Queen (beautiful woman) and Anne Bradstreet (poet)
    Hero Sidney: from the myth Hero and Leander (beautiful woman) and Sir Phillip Sidney (poet)
    Judah Wilson: for Judah Maccabee (warrior) and Wilson for his grandfather (preacher)

    There you have it! We didn’t actually choose Hero for the Shakespeare character because I’ve always thought she was a bit of a dud actually.

  9. Haha, I know my week has been difficult when I see my husband fishing through DIRTY WHITE SOCKS before his daily 4-8 miles. Oh, it’s not a good feeling.

    I love the naming system! Thanks for the peek in…all the Wilson grandkids seem to have great names. I always feel a little bad for our younger daughter who got a name that sounded nice with her older sister’s more significant name. Oh well, God gave the little one plenty of spunk to make up for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Thank you for the explanation on the names! What a fun system–and I’m sure your girls love the meanings behind their names (or will love them, if they have the I-hate-my-name phase). I’ve often felt kind of bummed that “Heather” doesn’t have a meaning. And I haven’t been impressed by any pictures of the plant. It’s also interesting that you have fearlessly pilfered Classical and pagan names as well.

  11. You don’t know how encouraging it is to know there are days when there is only one ironed white shirt in Mr. Wilson’s closet. Thank you for sharing that. Love and miss y’all.

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