Heavenly Provisions

My husband has been preaching through Romans for some time now (48 weeks and he’ll be  in chapter 13 next), and each week has been such a feast that it has been hard to pick out a bite to put up here on Femina to share with you all. But I’ve got one for you from this past Lord’s Day: What God commands, He gives; and He gives what He commands.

In other words, did God command us to not worry? Yes. And He gives us peace. Did He command us to love our enemies? Yes, and He will give us that love. So as we exercise our faith in obedience, we are not left to find the resources within ourselves. What a disappointment that would be! But He enables us to obey Him by giving us all the resources we have in Christ. It’s as though He fills our cupboards with heavenly provisions, and then tells us to open them up and help ourselves. Think about this one for a while! I have been finding it helpful all week.

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7 thoughts on “Heavenly Provisions

  1. It is such a joy to be reminded of this! I think I will copy the quote in a nice handwriting and put it in my cupboard, so I will see it every time I open it. A great reminder, great word picture.


  2. I love how God never leaves us stranded with what He commands. He knows our frame and is gracious indeed! I agree with Becky…that one is going up in the kitchen. A very good and welcome reminder! 🙂

  3. Indeed. And what a lovely way to look at it. For whom would look at a parent as asking too much, when he or she fills a child’s cupboards full of wonderful food? Of course the child would respond with delight and eat.

    During my own season in life, when it is tempting to begin to worry, I will certainly reflect on this wonderful example.

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