Our Homeschooling Friends

My friend Eileen Lawyer has written a nice little piece on homeschooling that is here if you would like to check it out. And the blog hosting her article belongs to one of our party-goers (from Mexico City), so it’s possible you have found it in your blog party going.  Though Doug and I did not homeschool our own kids (he started Logos School instead), we are certainly friends of homeschooling.  In fact we are attending a homeschooling convention next month in Cincinnati where Doug will be speaking. Anyway, Eileen has homeschooled their one child, and she is a great encouragement to many other homeschooling moms. And I’ve noticed from reading your blogs, a whole bunch of y’all are homeschooling moms too. I think I spot a trend in my readers!

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6 thoughts on “Our Homeschooling Friends

  1. Thank you for sharing the link to Eileen’s post…Today I published the second part of her serie, Homeschooling One Child; The Core of all Learning and How to Do It.

    I am sure you will enjoy her words! She is a lovely lady indeed.

  2. Thank you for sharing this link! While our son is only 21 months right now, we are homeschooling parents nonetheless. 🙂 Thank you for blessing us with words of wisdom along the way.

  3. After listening to your audio series, reading your books, and following your blog for years now, I’m looking forward to finally meeting you at the convention next month!

  4. Wow! As much as I would look forward to meeting you in person if we drove from Michigan to the conference in Cincinnati, I just looked at the list of speakers and the schedule….it makes me want to run and hide! There are so many choices and how to decide who to hear when??? It’s amazing that homeschooling has come so far and has so much more available than when we started 19 years ago. And yet, it’s still the simple day after day consistency in God’s word and the elementary subjects that lay the foundation for a solid education. I trust you & Doug will enjoy your “mini-moon”. 🙂

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