Well, Maybe.

I simply can’t understand what Mom might have meant when she said (to paraphrase) that my brain was just not in the blogging world right now. Seriously, haven’t you all been reading my twice-weekly posts? Haven’t you noticed how concise, witty, thought-provoking, and clear I have been?

To be totally honest, there have been passing moments of clarity in some of my days. I have thought of things to blog about for several months now. I even have a series of now irrelevant photos that were originally destined to be blogged. Hmm. However, I have not given up on blogging – it has just been relegated to that same class of activity as cleaning the bathroom. You know, things that you would like to do someday if you get a chance.

I will go on the record as saying that explaining the nuances of Christian living to two two-year-olds is a rich experience, and one that is likely to take the blogging out of me. Our twins are hilarious and outrageous, and completely delightful. I love the two-year-old phase: from the “my do it,” and the fact that we need to talk about who is actually in charge, to  my son telling me, “Look in my eyes, Mama” as he makes an effort at getting out of some well-deserved discipline. Perpetual hilarity – the kind that can leave me panting on the couch more often than is really reasonable. But the wildness of these little personalities is such a joy to corral and shape.

As I write, I have one on my lap, one perched on the arm of my chair, and one standing beside me. Wait, strike that. One is behind me on the chair with his arms around my neck, one is on my lap, and all three are cashing in on promises of glue and paper and scissors. I will go make good on this promise and be back to finish this post in no time. Just hold on a second!

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11 thoughts on “Well, Maybe.

  1. Oh, I am with you and tickled by your description of your surroundings while writing.
    People often ask me how I find the time to sew stuff for my work. So finally my husband took pictures of me working one day so others could appreciate just how it is I can actually get sewing done. In these pictures you can see me sewing away on my sewing machine while kids are under my sewing table reading books, or on my back watching me sew, or next to me getting questions answered about their own sewing projects.

    I have found that living life while raising children is literally done on top and all around one another. It is a sweet and sticky tangle. Thanks for dropping in to say hi. : )

  2. I want to beg for you to write. I want to beg for you to post those pictures destined to be blogged. However, I totally know just how selfish that would be. I understand how hard and how wonderful your life must be right now. Thanks for sharing just a peek. It is encouraging and just plain FUN!

  3. Wow, here’s what I love about reading blogs….I realize that there are other Mom’s out there everyday in the same season as me! It’s encouraging.
    As I read your post I was nursing the 2mo old before getting up to try and vacuum a million little pieces of crumbled spring roll wrapper up in the kitchen. And I work with my two year old everyday on looking in my eyes, so the fact that your’s asks that of you was too funny!

  4. We miss you! We are also just so happy you are walking around serving your family and your Lord! Your cheerfulness is always inspiring! 🙂

  5. Rachel, Are you familiar with Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket. Fun pattern with little seaming at the end.
    You can even find her daughter, Meg Swanson, with video knitting away.

  6. Rachel, Are you familiar with Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket? Fun pattern with little seaming at the end.
    You can even find her daughter, Meg Swanson, with video knitting away.

  7. Martha-
    I am familiar with the pattern, but haven’t ever made it. I feel like I see it everywhere though. In fact, you asking prompted me to look on ravelry, and there are over 10,000 projects posted for that one! Have you made it?

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