Rainy Day Idea #11

Here’s my contribution to your rainy day activities: Bust out a little project for your Easter table! Here are some splashy little name tags that are super easy . . . and due to the fact that I can not for the life of me figure out how to embed the PDF here on Femina, I have had to post the download and instructions for this little project over at Amoretti. So trot along over there if you’re needing a project for the afternoon that involves a very low level of commitment!

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8 thoughts on “Rainy Day Idea #11

  1. The place cards are great, Mrs. Wilson, thank you. But am I only the only one who is absolutely struck by this polka dot tablecloth / ceramic hen blue & white combination?!
    Where do you find such gems?

  2. Melissa,
    Bekah doesn’t just take a picture….she can’t help it, she has the knack of making it look like a set! I was pretty impressed with the picture too, so I asked her the same question about the table cloth, but it turns out she used a gorgeous piece of fabric that she just happened to have.( I think we may be using it as one of our official tablecloths at Easter dinner!) The adorable hen is something she picked up in England and she just unpacked it for the fun of it. We are going to be using a bunch of her England treasures for our Easter dinner.

  3. That is a gorgeous picture. 🙂
    Making place cards is something that for years I begged to do whenever we had company over. If you use an outline drawing, the younger kids can help by coloring them in – always nice to be a part of the flurry of preparations for a feast!

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