Amoretti Sale!

I like to hope that I’m not the only mother out there with this problem . . . but every time the weather changes I am caught off guard once again by the fact that my kids have nothing to wear. We’ve only just finished acquiring enough tights and snowboots for everyone, and then all of the sudden they’re supposed to wear flip flops and shorts. And we don’t have any. Last year’s versions are either torn, stained, too small, or missing entirely. The reason this is coming to mind at the moment is that fact that it is absolutely gorgeous outside, the tulips are finally blooming, and I’m getting that ominous feeling that we are, once again, unprepared for it. It occurs to me that it’s just possible that one or two of you are in the same dilemma. Your girls can’t continue to wear the long sleeved velvet dress to church indefinitely, as handy as that would be. So in the interests of the greater good, and under the general heading of spreading sweetness and light, I am giving you a 20% off coupon for Amoretti. Hopefully that will do something to ease the strain.

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8 thoughts on “Amoretti Sale!

  1. I love the round barn in the video. I’m a little infatuated with them. Thanks for the coupon code :).

  2. Rebekah,

    I will be in Boston this coming week, do you think I can order something and have it within that week in the hotel?

    If so, I will go and order an outfit right now.:)

    Thanks for the coupon.

  3. Hi Becky!
    Absolutely! We can get it to you whenever you need it – just put a note on the order with any special instructions!

  4. What a great sale…I ordered a dress last night. I ordered a dress for Easter and it has been an excellent purchase! We’re starting a collection. ;o)

  5. I can’t quite decide which makes me more sad–that my daughter is not big enough for a size 4 yet or that I’m too big for a girl’s size 12.

  6. Sooo….when will you have Skirties in size Medium? ‘Cause I’d love to order two before the coupon runs out!

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