The ACCS National Conference

We are headed south to Boise in a couple of days to be with the folks at the CREC church down there for a conference, and then when we get back home on Sunday, I will just have time to throw in some laundry before we leave again on Tuesday to head for Raleigh and the ACCS conference. What is ACCS? It’s the Association of Classical and Christian Schools. I have only missed a handful of the ACCS conferences, and this year is the 18th annual conference! (This makes me feel old.)

When it first began, we had the conferences here in Moscow. But Moscow is not such an easy place to get to, so now the conferences are in more, shall we say, central locations. ACCS actually began on our kitchen table back in the stone ages. Doug had helped start Logos School in 1980, and then he wrote a book about classical education (Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning), not knowing what would happen as a result. What happened was our phone started ringing (at all hours), and I was hand writing answers to the many letters we were receiving from all around the country asking us questions about how to start schools. So ACCS began in self defense. Our friend Patch Blakey has headed it up now for many a year, and many schools have been helped by all ACCS has to offer, including the national conference. It is a wonderful conference and I always enjoy seeing our friends from all around the country who are on this crazy journey with us.

This year the highlights include ND (my son) who will be speaking at a couple of workshops;  our friend George Grant who never fails to inspire us;  my faithful husband who makes it all very practical; and Os Guinness, who will no doubt be a treat to hear.

If you’re there, give me a holler!

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3 thoughts on “The ACCS National Conference

  1. I went to my first ACCS conference ten years ago when I began teaching kindergarten at a small Christian school. When I came back I cried for about a week because I was so happy about what the Lord was teaching me. I repeated every word to my husband (he very patiently listened). We began praying and growing in God’s word and now, ten years later, he is the principal at our school. What the Lord is doing at our school is precious to watch. We are constantly learning from all of you out in Moscow. We are very thankful for the ACCS and all the hard work the Wilsons put into it. We will see you in Raleigh, Lord willing, and and I can not wait to hear ND speak!

  2. This will be my second ACCS conference and I can barely sleep, waiting for it! As if the break from being wife/mother/teacher/housekeeper weren’t enough, I am anticipating the precious lessons waiting to be learned, curriculum choices to peruse, and the silent retreat of a hotel to plan the coming year. If I can manage to find you in the milling throngs, I will muster up the courage to holler at you.

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