The Sidelong Glance

I love the way my husband writes, so I thought I’d just post up one of his good ones from a recent post over on BlogMablog:

“We are born casting sidelong glances, and worldliness is a sin that depends upon the sidelong glance. The devil nurtures the sidelong glance like it was his own precious child, which it actually is, and whenever the Holy Spirit comes upon one, He kills it dead.”

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6 thoughts on “The Sidelong Glance

  1. I think it’s the desire to look upon (and be extension participate in) worldly things, while telling yourself you’re staying away from them. You “know better than” to look straight at them, but you sort of stand over here and take the occasional sneaky glance over there.

  2. Thank you for your willingness to praise your husband and his gifting so openly. I would imagine it is the wind in his sails oftentimes.

  3. Your husbands ability to use words to communicate like this has amazed us and blessed us for years!

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