Parents and School

If you have a school-age daughter, or if you are a school-age daughter, I commend this piece my husband whipped up this a.m. called “Warm, Friendly, and Distant.” And it’s for all parents or daughters, whether homeschooling or Christian day schooling.

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5 thoughts on “Parents and School

  1. At a slight tangent, here’s a question I would love to hear the Femina ladies discuss, involving that “warm, friendly, and distant” principle. Many young families around here including our own have kids who are just arriving at an age where they can be said to be developing real (though youthful) friendships. Granted that ages four through eight and thereabouts may not reach a whole lot of depth in their relationships, we still want to teach the right principles from the ground floor up. What would you say we should be telling our daughters about how they may conduct friendships with little boys the same age? Obviously we don’t let our girls pretend to get married or engaged to a particular boy. Obviously we teach modesty and propriety–no wrestling around with boys, etc. But what about those “platonic” friendships? Say a five or six year old announces she’s hit it off tremendously with a peer, and he’s one of her new favorite people and they’re gonna be best pals and he is coming to her birthday party, and so on–well, in some ways it sounds silly to turn this into a big deal, but like I said, we want our girls to know from the very beginning how to adorn themselves with modesty and propriety. My point of view at the present is that I don’t expect their demeanors in this respect will or should change a whole lot between five and fifteen, and that what is acceptable at fifteen is basically what should be acceptable now. Thoughts on this?

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