The Minister’s Wife

A few years ago I began sending out an email newsletter for ministers’ wives, and now I have a mailing list of over two hundred of you from all different parts of the country, as well as from overseas, and  from many denominations. I have been rather sporadic about this letter, but I am getting ready to send out a December edition. So, if any of you ministers’ wives out there (or elders’ wives) would like to receive this, now is the time to send me your email address, and I will happily add you to the list. (Also, if you old-timers have changed your email address, please let me know and I’ll update my list.)

If you leave a comment here, I will have your email address automatically. Some of you have asked for back issues, and I have dropped the ball on some of your requests, but not on purpose! I am hoping these missives will find their way into a book some day, and then they will all be in one easy place. Meanwhile, I am happy to receive any of your requests for particular topics to be addressed in future newsletters.

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65 thoughts on “The Minister’s Wife

  1. I’d love to be included on the list. My husband is an ARP minister in North Carolina and I adore your writings, Nancy. Thank you for your Biblical wisdom and encouragement…it can be lonely out here!

  2. I loved the blue snow while it was 75 degrees down south!! Thanks for your blog and please add me to your minister’s wife newsletter. I love this life!! Thank you!

  3. My husband was just ordained as an elder in our church and any wisdom would be appreciated;). Thank you in advance for adding me to your list.

  4. I have a new email address and would appreciate continuing to receive your newsletter.
    You are a blessing to many! Thank you!

  5. Please add my name to your mailing list, Nancy. I’m quite new to the “wife of the minister” thing (just 18 months), and am eager to learn from one more experienced than I. My husband and I were greatly blessed to go through your husband’s book “Reforming Marriage” during our pre-marital counselling.

    Kara Dekker

  6. Please add me to the list. My husband has been an elder at our church for two years and our church is dealing with a recent crisis. Recently, someone made the comment to me that “as an elder’s wife” I should do this or that and I felt totally out of my element. Of course, prayer has helped, but I would greatly appreciate any wisdom from you as well!

  7. My good friend told me about the newsletter, and I can always use an extra dose of encouragement. My husband was just ordained as an elder at our church. He and I are both thankful for your writings.

  8. Hi! I’m a bit late on this, but as my husband is now the only elder at our church following our pastor’s resignation, (read: preaching every week, shepherding the whole flock, etc!) I would welcome any encouragement for elders’ wives 🙂 Thanks so much! (Oh, and I am with Marilyn above on requesting any back issues! ;))

  9. Please send me your e-mail newsletter for ministers’ wives. My husband is the pastor of Christ the King CREC Church in Ferry, Michigan. Thank you so much.

  10. Hello Nancy!

    Greetings from NYC. It has been many years since we met. I would love to receive your newsletter for Pastor’s wives.

    Christmas Blessings to your family.

  11. Does Head-of-School, ordained-minister-to-be count? Cause that’s where we are, and more of what the Holy Spirit gives you to minister with would be just great!

  12. I would be super thankful to receive this. Jordan and I are very grateful for all the wisdom and encouragement you have provided us through the years!

  13. I would love to receive your minister’s wife newsletter. I just found out about your blog through another pastor’s wife. It’s been such a source of wisdom.

  14. I would love to receive the newsletter. Hope I’m not too late; I only just discovered your blog and I am so encouraged by your love for Jesus, your commitment to His Word and your insights on parenting. Thanks so much.

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