Christmas Brainstorming

I’ve got a lot of help around here when it comes to Christmas gifts. I ask them, and the ideas flow! Today I actually wrote some of these down because I didn’t want to forget them. Here it is: the ultimate gift shopping list as assembled for me, by Chloe.

For Chloe: A Flower. And some Grass

For Daphne: A Chicken. She likes chickens

For Titus: A bowl

For Lina: Some water for the ducks

For Blaire: A toy

An idea which was later contributed by Daphne for them all was “something to match our toothbrushes.” It looks to be a pretty good Christmas around here!

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9 thoughts on “Christmas Brainstorming

  1. This cracked me up! So close to home . . . before Thanksgiving I was compiling Christmas lists for the grandmas, and asked the boys for input. Here’s what I got:

    3 year old: I want presents!

    5 year old: For me, I want a double barrel riffle gun! [pensive pause] He’ll want a bunch of bananas.

  2. What a coincidence! My nearly-five-year old wants a baby chicken for his birthday, just a few days before Christmas. He also wants a “real, live pony.” At that rate we’d have a zoo by the time he’s 6!

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