NSA Christmas Concert

We are truly blessed here in this community for many reasons, but one is that we have Dr. David Erb conducting the NSA choir. Tonight was their Christmas concert, and it was just wonderful. These concerts are teaching us to appreciate the great Christian heritage we have in music. Not only do the NSA students benefit from Dr. Erb’s instruction, but he is teaching the Logos students as well. And, if you are in town next week, don’t miss the Logos Christmas Program. With ten grandchildren at Logos this year, we’ll be on the edge of our seats! (Yes, we have one in preschool, one in kindergarten, two in first grade, two in second grade, one in third, one in fourth, one in fifth, and one in sixth grade! We have the elementary covered!)

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4 thoughts on “NSA Christmas Concert

  1. I think last year someone recorded it and had it available for online viewing. Do you have any idea if anyone did this year? We really enjoyed getting to see (or rather, hear) the powerful beauty of voices raised to glorify God.

  2. Now you’re making me jealous! My son is in the NSA choir and I so wanted to be able to be there. But Michigan is a little far from Idaho, so we’ll hope to catch parts of it on youtube or something. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  3. My dad taped the concert last night, so in case it isn’t available to view online, we might be able to fix you up with a VHS version. And, yes! Come to the Logos concert next week. 🙂 The kids have been working hard to prepare their songs, and it’s going to be great.

  4. We at Trinity Church in Kirkland are still enjoying the fruit from Dr. Erb’s work here, even though he’s been gone for a bit. May God continue to bless His kingdom through the beauty of music in Moscow. May our souls, hearts and minds be filled with grace through music!

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