Speaking of Monday Morning

Monday mornings are notorious for grumbling and complaining about the start of a new week. Haven’t we all heard it? And haven’t we all murmured about not being ready for Monday morning? I think I see a lot of agreement out there. So let’s resolve to put off all Monday morning complaining this year. That’s probably about 52 Mondays  this year which will be opportunities for us to express gratitude with cheerfulness. It’s Monday! What a blessing! We get to start again with a fresh week!

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9 thoughts on “Speaking of Monday Morning

  1. I love Mondays-really I do. Just for that reason that we get to start over. I make chocolate chip muffins for my kiddos at school-every Monday. Because that’s a good reason to come to school. Cheers.

  2. A cashier this morning told me she was having a “blessed Monday”. Stopped me in my busy little tracks, and I told her that I was glad to hear that, and I am having one TOO!

  3. Amen! That is a terrific resolution! It resonates with me because I was not ready for this Monday morning.
    Maybe another good resolution would be to be always prepared for Monday.

  4. I guess for me it will translate to Tuesday mornings, since Monday mornings always feel fresh and a little less cluttered. The week catches up to me on Tuesday (guess I’m a little slow, ha-ha!).

    It’s a great reminder to rejoice in whatever day it is, just because the Lord has made it!

  5. I have co-workers that complain every Monday. UGH MONDAY. But you know what? If you dislike Monday so much, you should be glad you are on the day of the week the furthest from the next Monday. And why would you want the weekend to come so soon? “Is it Friday yet?!?” Well, you’re just going to be even closer to Monday, and then complain again that it’s Monday. 🙂

  6. One of the reasons I married my husband is because he told me he wanted to foster a “TGIM” attitude at his work (“Thank Goodness It’s Monday)!

  7. Dad used to say to us “Goody, goody, Monday morning and another week in which to excel.”

    I am with those other out there that like Monday a.m. Probably because I get the house back to myself. 🙂

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