State of the Church 2011

Every year my husband gives a “State of the Church” sermon around the first Sunday of the new year. This past Lord’s Day the sermon was about the Church at large, and the steady bearing rate of the secular state and the Church. This means we are on a collision course, due to collide in the near future. In this fallen world, we will always have to deal with competing words from competing lords. And we cannot serve two masters, so these competing words will always be on a collision course. The Church must lead the way in declaring that Jesus is Lord. Jesus is not the Silent Lord. He is Lord of all. His Word is authoritative over all things, and so the Church must not be reluctant to confess Jesus in the public square. If the Church is too timid to do this, no wonder we are losing our liberties. You’ll just have to listen to this one.

And, while I’m at it, I may as well plug a recent post of his on transparency. It’s very helpful.

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11 thoughts on “State of the Church 2011

  1. As regards the transparency post, I wanted to repeat my comment from that blog on this one so as to get the thank you in the proper place.

    “This policy also prevents a sort of voyeurism into what is obviously a rich and beautiful relationship in your marriage. I have often wanted to thank Nancy and the girls for not over sharing on the Femina blog in a way that could cause a great deal of pain to women who do not have the same level of spiritual intimacy in their own lives. I believe that too much transparency on both the positive end and the negative end can hamper a ministry and stumble those you are in a position to strengthen. I am so thankful for the wisdom God has given both you and Nancy and now your children. By the care you have taken in this area, that wisdom can be shared and be a benefit to many more people.”

  2. I would love to hear some reasons, from anyone here, as to why you think it is that people today want to be transparent and why they want others to be transparent with them.

  3. Crystal,
    As it is with so many things, men want respect and women want security. Perhaps some men are “transparent” because that is what is admired in their church community, and they want to be seen as men with integrity and humility. Women may over-share because they need reassurance that they are accepted, that they are doing okay. The motive itself may not be evil, but the gossip or the over-share is sinful at worst and unwise at best. Sometimes it can be motivated by simple pride, trying to be in the spotlight, problems and all. Whatever the case, it is important to see this in light of the golden rule of doing unto others as you would be done by. Would you want your mother (sister, husband) sharing that about you? If not, then don’t share it about them.


  4. Does anyone know how to access the sermon? I saw it a couple of days ago on the homepage of CanonWired but put off listening to it and now it’s gone — and there’s not yet a 2011 section under Sermons.

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