Can you guess the context?

We’re thinking that we need a new category here. Something like “Quotes with no context” or “I need an antecedent.” Sometimes you find yourself saying things which are slightly outrageous if taken in isolation.

Here is a real live example from a phone conversation which took place between myself and Liz yesterday afternoon. And I quote: “But do you think a packet of cheese sauce from the box mac would actually stain if it was added during the wash cycle?”

Or how about this one: “I think the Pringles wouldn’t hold enough skivvies to be a good dispenser.” Also a real live example from another of our phone conversations, the funniness of which was only called to our attention by a husband, tuning in from his absorbing work, first to look incredulous, and then to poke fun.

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7 thoughts on “Can you guess the context?

  1. Now – You’ve got my brain twirling. Funny. 1st one – You are throwing out ideas to dye fabric to a mustard-sunny color 2nd- Packing tricks for kiddos suitcases? Thanks for the laugh=o]

  2. Ok, my guess for the first one – mystery yellow stain sleuthing, for the second one – organization tricks for kids’ dresser drawers. I can’t wait to hear the correct context!

    Also…I have been curious about the adventure that the cousins had over the Christmas holidays. You shared the first “secret agent” letter, but we never got to hear any more about it. Do we get to hear how the adventure played out?

  3. Laughs! I’ve heard some pretty funny ones in the last week or two, but–alas–can’t remember them…so, great idea to put them on a blog.

    I’m with Jenn A. Please share the rest of the cousins’ adventure!

  4. Is the Pringles idea sort of like the storing plastic grocery sacks principle? Also, I’m in for wanting to know more about the geat Advent adventure.

  5. I wonder if the first one is in reference to a dishwasher rather than a laundry washer. The fact that it was added during the wash cycle adds an extra layer of mystery. Or perhaps the discussion was about exactly what makes that cheese sauce packet so preternaturally orange. Is it water-soluble food dye? Or is it something potent enough to stain if it were added during the wash cycle?

    As for the Pringles skivvies dispenser, I’m going to guess that you were brainstorming ways to make little people’s clothing basics more accessible for self-dressing or ways to keep each kid’s stuff separate in close quarters.

  6. hmmm. 1st, picking up on Valerie’s idea: One of Liz’s “helpers” put the mac-n-cheese box in the dishwasher in the middle of the cycle, staining white porcelain dishes a sunny yellow. 2nd: A way of making it fun and motivating for a toddler who is potty training. 🙂

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