Cupboards in Florida

Rather than telling you about Nate’s trip to Florida tomorrow all in my own words, I thought I would just swipe this straight off  Nate’s blog:

“This Thursday (Feb. 10) I will be hitting the Barnes and Noble in the Coconut Point Mall in Estero, FL from 4-6pm. In addition to hitting it, I will also sign books.

February 11th is going to be jammed with Celebration of Reading events, and many thanks to former Governor Jeb Bush for inviting me to participate. I will be meeting Floridian winners of a 100 Cupboards writing contest for breakfast and then heading into a whirlwind of events for the rest of the day. Hope to see some of you warm weather types there. Cheers.”

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3 thoughts on “Cupboards in Florida

  1. i have a 13 year old who would SO LOVE to be there. two states away is a bit FAR, however!
    she’s gotten me hooked on the books now too–page-turners that they are.
    “just DON’T start them near bedtime!”

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