Bearing a Weak Cross

From the preface of a sweet, old, little copy of  The Loveliness of Christ:

“Strong and quaint and bracing are the words of this saint of olden time — very unlike the feeble wails we often hear in these days. People seem now to consider it more than unfair to have to bear the weakest cross, and certainly not to ‘count it all joy’ with St. James.”

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5 thoughts on “Bearing a Weak Cross

  1. I love it when you share Puritan quotes- they are the best quotes! This book is on my “to read” list.

  2. This is completely off-topic for this post, but I am trying to find a particular post from your blog that I found to be a great idea but I can’t remember the conclusion. And google reader is not helping me today. I can’t remember the correct keywords. 🙂 Anyway the topic was how we shouldn’t necessarily spend a lot of time on training the outsides of our kids’ faith until the basics of faith are established. For example rather than teaching to be patient and good we should be teaching about the old testament stories and about Jesus, and that the external fruits would follow as the kids get older. That the danger is that we would spend so much time training our children to “look” Christian that they would lack basics of faith to “be” Christian. I hope I am making sense and I hope that it was a post by you all that you can link me to, rather than just some random blog on the whole internet. Thanks for helping me out!

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