The Easter Buffet

Luke and Rachel just bought a house, and they moved in a week or so ago….and hosted our Easter feast today! This buffet table/unit is from their La Bella Vita shop (the old counter), and it works so well loaded up with the Easter fare. Kids are in the background and Heather (who never takes a bad picture) gives the camera a smile. You should have seen the crazy egg hunt in the back yard: thirteen cousins running around while two baby cousins watched with interest.  Hope you all had a blessed day!

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9 thoughts on “The Easter Buffet

  1. Wow… I’m gazing at that buffet in a state of deep and unrepentant envy. All those drawers! The food looks good too… but what I really want is that buffet!

  2. Cute!!! Wasn’t that in her darling craft room before? Lizziejank will need to post pics of her new house as she gets it all set up. 🙂

    Valerie, that is the first time I’ve ever heard (or read) “sistren” and I think I like it.

  3. I would love to hear your tips and tricks of managing so many little ones at one time. When my sister and I get together we have 11 between the two of us. Seven of them are boys. To say that it is chaos is an understatement!

  4. I am thrilled to have found this Blog! Rachel’s book has been such an incredible blessing to me…strengthening my view of my task and convicting me to be serious about looking at my own attitude first and changing it. – I am also in love the Buffet, just like someone else said. I am now looking on Craigslist hoping I find something even remotely close…did she get it at a store?

    Anyway, thank you!

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