Little Southern Belles

Last week Doug and I were visiting Providence Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, where several of the young moms had whipped up some skirts for their little daughters using Bekah’s new line of fabrics. Imagine my surprise at this cute little line-up of Southern adorabelles!

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7 thoughts on “Little Southern Belles

  1. I loved seeing these adorable lovely ladies as well when we entered the church. Go Providence Ladies!

    Nancy- Thank you both for coming out to share and visit.

  2. I love all those precious faces! And the skirts are adorable too! So proud of these ladies for this fun surprise for you, Nancy.

  3. Bekah is making the world a prettier place – and so are those gorgeous little girls! It’s great fun to see the fabrics swishing along in the real world. (Daughter on my shoulder is oooo-ing over the pretty skirts.)

    Lovely, ladies!

  4. Nancy, We were so glad to see you in church! It’s always a pleasure to have you pass through and shed your wisdom abroad.

    If anyone needs one of these skirts, here’s the tutorial we used:

    (My girls are the three in the middle with various red shades of England Swings…I know, not terribly Okimoto, are we?)

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