A Pictorial Drive-By

We have been keeping ourselves busy with this and that, and then that and this. A little more of that. A squirt of this. Some summer projects, barely any knitting. A little gardening, a little painting. A lot of trying to clean, not much decorating. A lot of sidewalk chalk. A lot of bikes. A lot of Blaire climbing. A little down time, a lot of busy.
A little cutting garden. Four children with clippers, one with fistfuls of gravel. A lot of color, a little usable flowers.

A little yard saling. A lot of dangerous deeds done on the new rocker.A lot of climbing in trees, a little bit of knitting in them. A lot of family time, a little bit of baby wild. A lot of Nana loving, a little tiny cousin friendship. A lot of cousins. A little car-side chatting.A lot of help in the kitchen, a little bit of cobbler. A new little fire-pit, a lot of burned marshmallows.A lot of toddlish energy, and a new place to put it! A little bit of nice weather, but a whole lot of summer!

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9 thoughts on “A Pictorial Drive-By

  1. my favorite kind of drive-by! Loved it. Especially loved the cousins chatting in and out of the car. That was cuter than words.

    Happy summer!

  2. Sheri- they are delphinium, the picture just doesn’t show the whole big stretch of them.

  3. What fun! Thanks for sharing the great summer photos. Ah, Delphiniums, I was wondering, too. Quite lovely! You’ve made me want a cutting garden. I see flower pots everywhere in these photos. Who is the gardener?

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