You wanted to come to Moscow anyway, right? The chimney of Idaho has been on your bucket list for ages, and we all know it.

Now think what a good reason you have to come! You can come to the Femina shindig, hit the Fall Con, and generally whoop it up. It’ll be all kinds of festive, and you should definitely be here for it.

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8 thoughts on “Fall Con

  1. Wow – if I was mildly interested, after watching the video now I really want to go! (Whoever is in charge of the media department, I tip my hat to them, they are awesome.) Too bad the husband has no time off from work then. Looks like a great conference!!! We will be sighing longingly in Michigan, waiting for the conference recording to come out on CD so we can order and listen to them when we’re in the car together. πŸ™‚

  2. I did, I did! And still do! In fact, I was just thinking about wanting to come as we cruised quite quickly through said chimney on our way to and from Ohio. And I agree with Garstabugg, that was a great video.

  3. Well, now! What a great idea and since my sweet daughter Beka is heading your way next month to attend NSA, I don’t think I can stay away;)

  4. @valerie: !!!!!!! yay! we have to sit by each other and do crafty things with yarn. (i also facebooked you a message saying the same, so i’m hoping that you didn’t reply due to your facebook fast, not because you think i’m a freaky stalker. πŸ™‚ )

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