The Winsomeness of Twinsomeness

These two little hooligans are going to give the birds a real run for their money this cherry season. Or they would be if the cherries were actually ripe and the birds were interested. But we are just honing our cherry picking skills. Practicing spitting pits, climbing ladders, and other very important backyard business. Balancing on a lawn chair in the wagon is tough, and you’ve got to practice. Turns out the cherries don’t need to be ripe for any of that!

If I was an indulgent mother, my children would be amidst the cherry tree all day long, dawn until dusk, eating unripe cherries. Blaire cruises the ground level, and snags their cast offs and chews on those. Perfect. But I am not an indulgent mother, so we are only putting in half to three- quarter time in the cherry tree.

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6 thoughts on “The Winsomeness of Twinsomeness

  1. How did you teach Blaire to spit out the pits? I’m still cutting them out for my 18 mo. old due to fears of choking, and I can’t remember when I began to trust my 4 & 5 year olds with whole cherries, but I bet it was after age 3 at least.

  2. @Amanda, I want some lessons on teaching to spit out pits too. 🙂 The other day I gave a cherry to my 2 1/2 year old and gave directions all the way and then watched her swallow the pit with a very cheerful, obedient smile. Oh well.

  3. Amanda and Bean. This made me laugh. Blaire snags the yucky cherries off the ground, and chews them up with great speed while I swipe her mouth out. She does not participate in the pit spitting!

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