A Word for Mothers

I’m a little late getting this link up for you to Rachel’s latest post on mothering over at Desiring God’s blog. It’s another wonderful and nourishing word for hungry moms. (And my excuse for being late is that Doug and I have been traveling today and just reached Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where we’ll be this weekend.)

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19 thoughts on “A Word for Mothers

  1. Really appreciated that article – thanks for passing it along! I must admit part way through the article I was quite convicted when I realized I was absentmindedly pushing my daughter away from trying to climb all over me so I could finish reading the article! I realized I needed to finish the article later because I had more pressing matters at hand. Like chasing games and tickle fests – thanks so much for that much needed reminder of just why I am a Mommy and what a blessing it is!

  2. After I was married, but before I had children, I told a college/uni friend that I wanted to be a stay-at-home wife and mother. He looked slightly aghast and replied, in a worried voice, “but I don’t think that will be enough for you.” I get the “hands full” comment all the time (and I “only” have three) but his comment has always stayed with me – it seems like the saddest indictment of motherhood I’ve heard. He still asks me what I’m going to do next, when I’m going to start using my brain. I need to get better at answering these comments – I loved Rachel’s “full of good things!” reply. I’ve just bought her book as well. Thanks for posting the link to her article (not the only link I’ve seen either).

  3. Hi,
    I read this article and was wondering if I could translate it into Russian and post it on my blog (with all the proper references, of course). This article is excellent and I know moms in Russia don’t have a lot of support in their stand against this very materialistic and very self-centered culture. In fact, I know what my dad is going to say when he finds about my fourth pregnancy – “What are they doing THAT FOR!!!” He loves his grandkids to pieces, but he is a child of that culture – children are not a gift, they are a nuisance, a necessary evil, so to speak.

  4. The very 1st sentence struck a cord with me as I too once had 4 children and the oldest was 3. Going against the flow of the world is full of rude comments and unkind stares. This article reminded me to take the time to enjoy my children instead of indulging my own desires for a clean home, quiet, and time to myself. I want to be a light to people showing them the joys of motherhood. However, truth be told, the days are rough. How can I balance portraying the joy of motherhood while being honest that there are hard times (even to the point where I want to scream or ball up in the fetal postion)?

  5. Man, this is soo hard. What a great article, thank you. I am a recent (2009) convert to Catholisim and my husband and I are a young couple with 4 children. Our oldest son will be 8 in August and he was planned to be an abortion. I was pregnant at 18 and, long story short the Holy Spirit knocked on our hearts, though we did not know it was Him, and we thank God everyday for that grace. Now, I find it difficult to lay it down. I struggle NOT counting the things I do for my family! It’s reprehensible but it is a real struggle! And to boot, I barley do the minimum! Thank you for this article and I will ask the Holy Spirit to knock DOWN the door to my heart and practice the virtue of availability and servitude for my loving family. God bless.

  6. I’m so glad you are going to Tuscaloosa. You will be a blessing there. Your Rachel’s writings are a blessing to me, and to many others. Thank God for you Wilsons!

  7. Another great article that has convicted my heart. Am I living the gospel before my children? Am I laying down my life daily? Joyfully? Ouch! God is chipping away at this sinful, selfish heart of mine. Thank you for being an instrument of God’s grace in my life.

  8. I just wanted to drop a quick note to let Rachel know that these two articles she posted on the desiring God blog are absolutely fantastic! thank you for reminding us of the gospel in motherhood. I ordered your book and shared the articles with lots of friends; keep writing!

  9. Wow! What a wise reminder! This is my first time to your blog. I’m a first time mom to my lovely little almost 11 month old girl. In the rush of daily life and trying to get “everything done” – it’s so easy to lose sight of the order of my priorities. Are you speaking in Tuscaloosa?

  10. It’s not very loving for those of us who love children, but have made personal decisions that are of no business of others for not having any or more than one. As many people as there are saying “they would never have that many” there are just as many women in the Church saying what a bad Christian woman I am for waiting until I’m finished with grad school to have one (and only one) pregnancy.
    I find Ms Evans to be a bit more uplifting.

  11. Thank you for the edifying words, Rachel, as always.

    I felt little sick as I realized the fear that drives the abortion industry is alive and well in my own sinful heart.

    May the Lord have mercy on us.

  12. I have read this about ten times and have forwarded it to my fellow moms. Honestly, I almost cried because I have been scared – at time – that I’m losing myself amidst all the momness. ๐Ÿ™‚ What an awesome reassurance it was to read that, losing myself, would be a very good thing. Not to an unhealthy point – but to lay down my personal desires for a calling far greater – it is a privilege. Motherhood = a chance to live the gospel. Thank you for this.

  13. I just wanted to thank you so much for your blog post about mothering. I get the “You have your hands full” comment A LOT – my first two are 11 months apart, ages 2 and 16 months right now. And I’m expecting my third child any day now. I never really knew how to respond, but I love your solution of “Yes, full of good things!”. I do love being a stay at home Mom and it really bothers me to see children being sacrificed by our culture for short term pleasures, conveniences and so on. Your blog was right on where we should be with our children, in the physical sense and in attitude as well. Thank you again! ๐Ÿ™‚ God Bless!

  14. Passing thru to say my thanks, also. I found the link through a friend of a friend and it’s really been speaking to me. There are so many folks who respond (ahem) less than encouragingly when we share that we are embarking on a second adoption and adding to our family again. Children, however they come to your home, are a blessing. A gift, a treasure. I needed the reminder that Rachel’s post shared, for my own “mid summer” slump. And I know many many young moms who need the encouragement and wake-up call that it sounds. I linked my blog to it today and am getting some good responses to the nudge it gives. Thanks so much for putting it up.

  15. Greatest read on Motherhood that I have ever read.
    I fall somewhere in a category of being a mom of 7, but also being on the mission field. Both of those fall under the category of being unglamorous, in my experience. We face challenges in the home, we face challenges on the mission field, and it is always easier to feel like somewhere else there has to be something more glamorous for us…but laying down our life for our children, and laying down our life on the mission field…both are hard, but so worth it. I know what it feels like to get all the prayer and support from Christians when it comes to our ministry, but the outward support for my mothering? Not even close to the fanfare. It is just life, and the sooner we mom’s look upward for our reward, the happier moms we are. I’m loving being a mom, I’m loving being a missionary.
    Laying down my life today is what it is all about, whether it is for my 7 kids, my husband, or the people we work with on the mission field.
    So that is just a few of my thoughts as I sit here thinking about Motherhood as my #1 mission. Thanks for the article!

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