Enter The Dragon’s Tooth

My son has a new book coming out, The Dragon’s Tooth, the first in a five-book series from Random House called The Ashtown Burials. His target age-group is 10-14, and I know he’s hitting his target because Knox (age13) and Rory (age 9) gobbled it up  back when Nate was writing it. Now they are anxiously waiting for each new chapter of the second book, one of the perks that comes with being a nephew and a son of the writer. It is also one of the perks of being the mother of the author.  I loved it as much as the kids, which means it’s also hitting its target audience of fifty-something.

A few weeks ago Nate shot a book trailer for The Dragon’s Tooth which I am linking you to here. I had to laugh at my son. Not only did he write the book and the screenplay for the trailer, he built the motel sign in his front yard (which Bekah designed) and gathered up the actors (starring Joel Courtney of Super 8) and the props, including my dad’s old black Cadillac, and directed the filming. All this to say, he’s a hands-on guy, which makes his writing all the more interesting and fun. Be braced for weird insects and lots of action!

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10 thoughts on “Enter The Dragon’s Tooth

  1. The California cousins read their Christmas copies from “Uncle Nate” in days…and this mother-in-law kept her copy at the computer and read it straight through in a day, not much book work done but was I entertained! Loved the trailer!

  2. I have a nine year old son and can’t wait to buy him this new book. The trailer was great. Please report back here if you know of a way to share it on Facebook. Would love to let my friends know about the book. I just ordered Leepike Ridge today for one of our read-alouds this year.

  3. Jennifer, on your Facebook homepage right below News Feed it says Share. Click on link and paste in http://ashtownburials.com/ and click on Attach. In addition to the trailer, there is a synopsis of book, find out about the author, buy the book, and more.

  4. My three boys all totally loved the trailer and it definitely grabbed their curiosity. They all want to know what happens in that story now. We are looking forward to getting this book!

  5. Thank you. My son (who just turned 13) is going to be so excited! He has read all of Nate’s books several times! My girls have been listening to them as well this summer.

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