Busy is as Busy does.

Horrible quality picture, I know. And yet. It just sums Blaire up so well. I especially like how this action shot captured her chubby little arm in the midst of a full throttle Cheerio toss that went down only this morning. I was sweeping in the kitchen at the time. It isn’t for no reason that “Busy” is the nick-name that stuck to this one. She answers to it too. If you can’t find her, just yell “Busy! Where are you?” and she will come right out of whichever bathroom she was in, and tell you cheerfully (and indecipherably) all about splashing in the potty. “Good news! The door to the bathroom was open again! ”

I have never had a child get so committed to potty splashing. The fact that we have three bathrooms now adds to it. I think also the fact that two three -year-olds are in and out of said three bathrooms all day. Add to that the fact that Blaire is apparently part mountain goat: scaling tables, laundry piles, and chairs in no time. She could be on any floor at any time, getting into any potties. She’s fast, that one.

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11 thoughts on “Busy is as Busy does.

  1. so teeny and adorable! Won’t it be fun to see if she stays “Busy” as she gets bigger?! πŸ™‚

    Cute as a button – thanks for sharing..

  2. This reminds me of my own one-year old! He’s so opposite of my first-born (now five), with whom I could put in the middle of the room with some toys and find him still sitting and playing in the same place 30 min. later. But not Son #2! Just like Blair, he’s into EVERYTHING — fast! One of his favorite things is “calling Nana on the phone.” The other day as I was putting away laundry, I heard him babbling, only to find him “talking to Nana” over my electric razor. Yikes!

  3. ohhhhhh, potty splashing. The twins are almost 2 now, and if they are let into the bathroom, they are sure to be splashing… hopefully the toilet was flushed- ick! I remember when I let the twins up stairs recently with the”supervision” of the older siblings only to find Molly with a cup dumping toilet water all over the hardwood floors in the hall and Henry dipping his hand in the toilet for a little refreshment. You never know what to expect!

  4. cute! i’m thinking of throwing my dinner all over the floor tonight. blaire and my baby both seem to think it’s super. my favorite is when you get messy baby hands (and feet) in your hair while you try to clean up underneath their seat.

  5. Ha ha… I can identify. My five year old was a total billy goat. Before he walked he would climb the play set out back, and go down the slide. I found him on top of our upright piano looking at a big Richard Scary book. Don’t know how it got up there with him. Enjoy πŸ™‚

  6. Just wondering how different momn respond to these tricks. Discipline? My 2-year old likes to tear apart a full diaper and I’m wondering the best response other than a bath and a deep clean…

  7. This post, as cute as it is, brings up questions in my mind. Are the kids opening the toilet lids and then playing in the water, or are the toilet lids left open?

    If the former, wow, I didn’t realize kids that age were so strong. Best of luck convincing them to leave the toilets alone.
    If the latter, why are you leaving drowning hazards available for your kids to fall into?

  8. Feather, I’m obviously not Rachel but just wanted to chime in – I’m sure Blaire (as busy as she seems) has figured out how to open a potty by herself. I know our busiest child was able to as soon as she was mobile…it took a few times of having the lid land on her head, but she figured it out. Add into the mix twins that are just three and you’d have to have potty locks to keep them shut…and then I can’t imagine trying to toilet train anyone in that situation. πŸ™‚

  9. How fun. πŸ™‚ I’m glad my daughter isn’t the only one with this tendency!

    If you’re interested in some funny caught-in-the-act photos, you can see them at

    Oh, and while I’m shamelessly showing one kid’s hilarity, I might as well show you one of the things that the other one came up with one time. πŸ™‚

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