Femina Conference

We are gearing up for our first Femina conference this coming Friday! Just in case you haven’t seen the line-up, I’ll be speaking first on defining what we mean by “dangerous” women, Bekah will be applying this definition to wives, Rachel to moms, and Heather to the single women. I’m so pleased at the numbers of women who are coming, and a special hoorah to all you Femina readers who are making a trip to Moscow for this and for the Grace Agenda Conference which follows.

Our ninety-something degree weather is supposed to give way to nice fall weather in the seventies and sixties, so bring a sweater! And bring an extra bag for all your book and Amoretti clothing purchases! Happy Travels!

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13 thoughts on “Femina Conference

  1. May God grant you a fruitful conference this weekend. We’re waiting for the first annual *Midwest* Femina Conference. Somewhere near Indiana, maybe?

  2. Yay!!!! I can’t wait! I’m not sure how I’m going to be ready in time, but who cares. ๐Ÿ™‚ And Amoretti clothing purchases?! Yay again! Any chance there are small Skirties back in stock? And just to round things out, one last YAY!!!!

  3. Any chance of mp3s going up for sale/download? Unfortunately we’ve got some other priorities in the budget right now (finally moving back home!)

  4. Natalie got there before me! As amazing as your conference sounds, it’s a bit far from South Wales I’m afraid, but I really would love to hear your talks if possible. Can you let us know if/when they go up on the web? I’d love to here some of the Grace Agenda talks too if they’ll be online.

    I organise Christian Conferences as part of my job and I know what a huge blessing they are to those who attend; I hope that goes for the speakers as well as the delegates, and you get a taste of God’s adundant grace and strength as you prepare.

  5. I would LOVE to come, but I live in Japan…:)
    I agree with the others, I would love to hear the sessions online somehow. Please let us know if that will be available someday! Hope the conference goes great! I’m blessed and encouraged by this blog. Thank you!

  6. Hello! I just found your site a day or two ago, but I was wondering the same thing about the possibilities of the conference being put on CD or mp3. If it hasn’t been a consideration before, maybe it will be? Thank you!

  7. I just checked and Canon Press will be recording the talks at the conference, so I will put up the link for you all as soon as it’s available! Thanks for asking.

  8. I would also love to be there (ulterior motive: see son who is an NSA student), but no can do, so would love to have the talks available on CD. I’m also with Colleen and would love to have you come to the Midwest – maybe northern Indiana/southern Michigan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I moved to Moscow to go to the conference, so I get extra points!
    (Ok, maybe there was another reason or two.)

  10. I am very thankful for the privileged opportunity to attend this tomorrow! And I am also thankful for my sweet, sacrificial husband who is going to make the 2-hour drive each way with me and work from Moscow tomorrow so that I do not have to travel by myself. God is so kind in all of these things.
    May God be with each of you ladies as you continue to prepare your hearts and words to minister to the saints in this venue.

  11. Hello, I did attend this wonderful conference and thoroughly enjoyed all the presentations addressing various ways that women are dangerous. Excellent food for thought, thank you!! Now, my question is this: Is there a particular book (or books?) you might recommend for those of us who would like to delve a little deeper into the “Dangerous Women” idea? I have shared the notes I took with some of my female friends at church, and they all want MORE!!… OR, are you ladies planning to co-write a book on the topic, perhaps??

    btw: Thank you so much for your compassion for sisters in the faith. Your love is evident in your exhortations! Blessings to all of the Femina ladies!

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