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The weather is changing, revealing that there are not any clothes for the kids. For reals. None. Turns out kids grow three or four inches of leg over the summer. The clothes that we have been wearing have no life left. They should all simply be destroyed, and we should start over. We are trying. I ran to Old Navy on the first cold day and discovered that they have no children’s clothes right now. Ack. So I ended up grabbing a bunch of cheap t-shirts at WalMart for the girls and did an assortment of appliqués on them. I’m hoping these buy us a little time!

I also finished knitting a little sweater for my niece Zoe, a marvelous little person whom we just got to meet this weekend. She looks quite nice in it, although it is hard to tell what she thinks of it!

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7 thoughts on “Projecty things

  1. Those are so cute! I have seen this done before – did you use iron-on facing or did you sew them or both???

  2. I agree! I am due in December and would love to do something like this for “Big Sister” and “Little Brother” matching shirts. Could you tell me how you did this? And if you have used letters before?

  3. I was just talking to my mom about us doing some appliqué shirts for my girls…..I’d love any “how to” tips :o)

    By the way, can I just rant for a second? As I’ve started looking for pieces for my girl’s fall wardrobe I can’t believe how little cute stuff is out there….since when did skulls and cross bones (even when paired with a bow or heart) become appropriate for little girls!? And the over the top sparkly/bling/punk-rocker look? I’m all for some embellishment, but your little appliqué tees are more up my alley :o)

  4. Those are gorgeous!! They remind me a lot of the long sleeved tops that are sold in Mini Boden (for quite a steep price!) Thanks for the idea. Cute and simple 🙂

  5. If you’re into plain t-shirts, I’ve recently discovered Hobby Lobby (if you have one around you). I think they’re meant for crafts and such, but they’re pretty cheap! I’d hope that they’d have long-sleeve. I can’t speak to their quality though.

    I also like to wear a long-sleeve t-shirt under my t-shirts and polos to make them last through Fall. Eventually though, I gotta break out the sweaters!

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