So, Mom is out of town. At Presbytery. Well, technically Dad is at Presbytery, and Mom has been out with the girls, shopping and generally whooping it up. She sent me this pic of somewhere that they went for lunch, and she’d like you all to think that it’s her front door.

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10 thoughts on “Happy Fall!

  1. Totally kidding…my front door has some kind of kid goo hanging off the door knob…and lots of adorable dirty handprints ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Happy Autumn ladies (although ‘Fall’ is very descriptive), from another Aussie, who is thoroughly enjoying a blossom-full spring and (sometimes) milder weather.(If I put that beautiful display at my front door, my beagle would run off with the pumpkins and think it a wonderful game!)

  3. So wonderful to hear from you Australian ladies! And it’s very comforting to know that Spring is happening at the same time as Fall….and won’t we all be longing for that in a few months!The world wheels about, much bigger than our front door view. Have a happy Spring!

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