Let Your Hearts Loose at Home

Spurgeon (in his entry for today) discusses Deut. 33:27, that God is our refuge. He points out that “refuge may be translated ‘mansion,’ or abiding place,’ which gives the thought that God is our abode, our home.”

Then he goes on to draw connections between our own earthly homes and what it means to dwell in God as our home. I was particularly struck by his idea of home. Here’s a summary of his comments on home.

1. “At home, we take our rest; it is there we find repose after the fatigue and toil of the day.”

2. “Home, too, is the place of our truest and purest happiness.”

3. “It is also for home that we work and labour.”

4. And here’s my favorite: “At home, also, we let our hearts loose; we are not afraid of being misunderstood, nor of our words being misconstrued.”

What a lovely image! And what a good thought for mothers and wives. We should labor to make our homes all these things and more. And our children and husbands should find that home is where they can let their hearts loose without fear!

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5 thoughts on “Let Your Hearts Loose at Home

  1. I read Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening every day, and this entry was particularly meaningful because I am such a homebody. I’m glad you posted about it so others can read a summary of his excellent words.

  2. Excellent; thank you. We are “do-ers” and lead a rather intense life, and often we “do” ourselves right into a home that doesn’t feel like a refuge for the family that actually lives in it and works to make it a refuge for outsiders. If a family member sits down and puts their feet up.. I glance at my to-do list to assign them something! Ok, I’ll stop. Right now!

    I’ve been lighting candles at night. Is that good? 🙂 And I always “feed my people.” Sticker?

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