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  1. I really cannot say how much I like reading your son’s writing and listening to him speak. I also like how he never seems to smile, exactly, but grins or smirks, and looks like he’s about to burst into laughter.

  2. Good stuff. We always get a kick out of seeing our friends’ work on display before a national audience. And that brings me to this burning question: When is Bekah’s book due to hit the shelves?

  3. I enjoyed reading the article. My husband was able to be at the actual interview and had told me much about it. He had mentioned that some of the introduction of Nathan wasn’t completely accurate (nothing huge). I noticed that the article intro also mentions only four children. After talking to my husband about it, he pointed out that he thinks the information for the intro came from the NSA website which states that Nathann Wilson has four children. I thought it was funny that my husband picked up on that; I think he must be spending time on the NSA website to be that familiar with it.

  4. Yes, the Nate Wilsons do indeed have five children. I’m sure no one meant to slight Marisol, who is two and the epitome of two-ness in sweetness. I thought World did a great job, and I know Nate enjoyed the interview.

  5. We love Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl! We have watched it many times as a family. My husband and I watch it if (when) we need encouragement. Our new favorite saying in our house is “enjoy your ice cream!”

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