The Glory of Children

The glory of children is their father, and here is mine, all mine! Today he is 95 years old, and still going strong, by the strong grace of God. I’ve always been very proud of my dad. An Air Force pilot, he fought in two wars for our country. He was wounded in WWII, came home and married a beautiful girl in Wyoming. They’ve had a marriage that has spanned almost seventy years! I thank God for His many kindnesses to me,  one of the central ones being a faithful father who loves his family. A glory indeed. Happy Birthday, Dad!

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8 thoughts on “The Glory of Children

  1. Oh, Happy Birthday to your dad!! Wonderful 95 years old. Thank your father for me for giving his time in serving our country. His generation are definitely heroes!!! Most from his generation have made it a point to stay married to the one woman of their youth. That in itself is something to applaud and to be very proud of. I wish him many more healthy, happy years.

  2. Wow. Still going strong at 95! I’ll bet he has some amazing stories to share. Happy Birthday to your dad!

  3. I’m noticing the creases on this photo; do they mean someone used to carry this around everywhere with them?

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