So I’ve been reading Geoffrey of Monmouth. (Yes, yes, I know you’re jealous. What better on a gorgeous summer day than a little 12th century history text?!) My motive for reading good old Geoffrey is another story entirely, and not that interesting. But the reason that I bring this up is that yesterday I ran across a passage about King Arthur which was just so poignant  I needed to share it with y’all.

“Then, girding on his Caliburn which was an excellent sword

made in the Isle of Avallon, he graced his right hand with his lance, named Ron . . . “

I laughed. I did. Right up there with naming your toys Punko and Petunia is naming your weapons Excalibur and Ron. But you’ll be happy to know that Ron was “hard, broad, and fit for slaughter.”

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8 thoughts on “Snicker

  1. No, I think his boat was named Bob and his mace was Roger 🙂

    Rebekah, where is that beautiful picture from? It would be perfect for my friend’s nursery!

  2. It was when my son named his superhero action figure “Eyeball Hello” that I realized why Adam noticed that he needed a helper after God gave him the job of naming animals.

  3. Bekah, snicker is right! Too funny.
    Brittany, thanks for your comment. It was a wonderful addition to this post!

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