You Asked

You wanted to know what Fatty looked like. Here she is. She is the one in the bizarre position second in from the left. I didn’t have the heart to round up all 37 of her pilled jumpsuits to show you, so instead I grabbed a few of her colleagues from about the house. From left to right, Sally Dot Dots, Fatty the Doll, Punko, and Petunia. I was unable to locate (I admit it, I didn’t try hard), Saucy, and Petunia’s baby cat, Patina.

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18 thoughts on “You Asked

  1. Valerie- I didn’t! I bought it at a yard sale and the older ladies who were selling it said it had belonged to their friend who was 100- and that her mother had made it for her when she was a little girl. The colors seem really vivid for that age to me, but that is the story I was told…

  2. So cute and funny!! My house is loaded with boy toys. The only dolls are mine and they curently live in the attic.

  3. I’ll never understand how babies can be so deliciously cute and dolls (particularly of an era) can be so creepy. Forgive me for being so bold. I realize it is merely my opinion and that of the creators of the Twilight Zone (i.e. Talking Tina). Nonetheless, I enjoyed the glimpse into your childhood. 🙂

  4. I think Fatty has been working off her chubs with a running program. You probably just caught her on a jaunt, and she had to freeze in that awkward position. Go Fatty!

  5. Wow. Sally Dot Dots has got the little hair thing going on. Ha ha! Love,love,love that beautiful crocheted blanket!!!

  6. I didn’t have my glasses on and at first thought this was the announcement that your son had been born! As hilarious as not-fat-Fatty is, I was mighty disappointed:-)

  7. Ok WOW! I have been one of the readers/fans of the Femina blog for about a year now.. Recently bought Loving the Little Years and REALLY enjoyed it! 

    I have been loving and taking care of our sweet 6 month old
    baby boy & only get to peek at the blog every so often.. I hopped on this morning while my baby slept by my side to find some encouraging articles… And then I saw the STORM y’all have been going through… I didn’t even know who your husband/dad was.  I read the link to his sight, and the following comments… Then I YouTubed him… I just watched the interview with Joy Behar… Um, wow.  All I can think of is 2 Timothy 3:1-9.  

    Your dad was so cool and level headed- he was nice and funny even in the presence of his enemies!  I wish I knew him & all of you personally, I would LOVE to give you all great big hugs! 

    Thank you! I didn’t realize how public y’all were… So I am sure you are very very busy… But could you please tell your dad that I am so proud of him! 

    With lots of love in Christ, 

    Heidi 🙂 

    Ps: Fatty and her adoption story made me laugh out-loud (almost woke the baby) 🙂 

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  9. Now I want to post a picture of my Cindy just to show her off. She’s another little bald headed fisher price doll (which is probably one reason I still have her – dolls with hair don’t stand up well to toddler play), and one of my most prized possessions. I still have the little pink and white striped sundress she was wearing the day we went to the hospital to meet my new little sister, and I found that mom had picked out a “baby” just for me. I mean, who has time to be jealous when you have /two/ new best friends 🙂

    (All this to say I have a soft spot for Fatty.)

  10. Hey! We might have Fatty’s twin sister at our house:)–her name is Purple Baby. I don’t know what the circumstances that separated them at birth were, but they have both fared very well;).

  11. This is absolutely hilarious! I love the humor in parenting little ones. My 3 year old girl has a similar leaning to embrace stuffed things, name them and love them. Her most recent being named flippy whippy the elephant.

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