How fun is this?!

Here’s something totally fun – and personally, I can’t wait to read it! Dad’s new book is at the printers right now, and Canon is offering free shipping on pre-orders placed before November 19. So grab yourself a copy and get into the Christmas spirit! Here’s what Dad had to say about the book:

“The book is divided into five sections, or lessons. The first is entitled To Gain His Everlasting Hall, which addresses the beginining of the biography that laid the foundation of our salvation. The second is The Politics of Christmas, which would come as no surprise to Herod. The third section addresses some concerns that some may have about appropriate celebrations, and is called Celebrating Christmas Like a Puritan. For those who think this means “not very much,” you really need to get this book. And a case of eggnog. The fourth lesson is related and asks How Then Shall We Shop? Maybe our problem is that our Christmas celebrations don’t emphasize the material enough. We need to get the material out of materialism. And keep it. The last section is a collection of Advent readings to help your family walk through the celebration.”


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4 thoughts on “How fun is this?!

  1. I just ordered a copy, I’ve so been looking for a theology of Christmas that was neither shallow nor too serious. I can’t wait to do the Advent devotionals. The other one I like is the Jesse tree that traces the story of Jesus from Genesis.

  2. Can’t wait!
    This reminds me of the year that everybody kept asking if we had read the new issue of Credenda Agenda (the topic was Christmas) and ours had not come and then on Christmas Eve I went to the mailbox and low and behold it had finally arrived! It was an awfully nice Christmas present. 🙂

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