July 9: Simple, But Not Easy


One of the things I wish I could get young moms to see is what I could not see when I was a young mom. So here it is: Your children are going to grow up. Not only that, they will have children of their own, Lord willing, and those little people will grow up too.

I know this sounds extremely simple. But it isn’t. When my husband was laboring away to start a Christian school for our three children, I was just seeing it all one day or week or year at a time. They moved from first to second to third grade and so on. But now I have thirteen grandchildren in this same school, and my son is on the school board and one daughter is teaching high school lit classes while the other is helping with the fundraisers. They all have children in the school, and they are invested just as much as we are, or maybe even more. What a surprise! What was I expecting anyway?

So what’s my point? The point is that God makes promises to His people regarding their children. Believe them! I can see it with my own eyes now, so it isn’t my faith that is seeing it. But my faith has been enlarged as a result of seeing His faithfulness to me and to my children and to my grandchildren. Now think about this: a thousand generations (Ex. 20:6). That is what I want to see by faith because I can’t see that far with my eyes. I won’t be able to seat all those descendents around my Sabbath table, no matter how many leaves I put in.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1).

We serve a God of great glory and goodness. He loves our children. He loves to see our children brought up faithfully to love and serve Him. He loves to promise us our children. And He loves it when we believe Him. I guess it is simple. But it’s not easy.

(Note: Thanks to Elizabeth Sensing for the Easter photo.)

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10 thoughts on “July 9: Simple, But Not Easy

  1. Thank you for that! I am seeing this in the early stages as my first graduated high school! It really is simple, but not easy at all! Though I still have many little hands and feet around my house, I am seeing how quickly those days pass. I do look forward to the future generation of Houstons….and I am thankful for God’s promises!

  2. This is so true and hard to wrap my mind around :). I have been wondering about how you gals educate your kids. This school, is it a homeschool curriculum or an actual school you have opened? I am debating over whether to continue my children’s education via a public school system.. that’s why I ask. Thank you!

  3. Nancy, this was so cheering and read it over more than once because these words were so strong-sweet. Thank you!

  4. “We serve a God of great glory and goodness. He loves our children. He loves to see our children brought up faithfully to love and serve Him. ” these words were water for my weary mothering soul today, thank you.

  5. God truly does promise us our children. You are right, when you are in the thick of it with babies, toddlers, and middle school kids, you just put your head down and plow faithfully through each day…believing God. Then they are all grown up and you see your life’s work right in front of your eyes. It is absolutely amazing, God really does keep his promises, why is that a shocker? Then they become parents and it starts all over again. So satisfying to watch your children put into practice their parents faith, love, discipline and values to yet another generation of covenant children. The Lord is very good, indeed.

  6. Thank you ladies for all your thoughts on this blog. My husband and I with our littlies are separated from all of our family. This is such a great sorrow to us, and particularly myself. We have such a great desire to live near my family, to have my lovely mother watch and be a witness as we raise our children, to advise and be wise voices in our lives. This, however, does not appear a possibility at this time or for some years yet. This is such a struggle for me that I would so appreciate some encouraging words on how to seek contentment and joy in the midst of the distance.

  7. Thank you. This is the kind of advice I long to hear more older women in the church articulate to those of us in the trenches, struggling to see the light of day through the piles of diapers, laundry, and dishes!

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