True Companion


Years ago I started a little newsletter for ministers’ or elders’ wives that I sent out via email. I started out writing it rather regularly, and it gradually became sporadic to practically nonexistent. But Canon Press has helpfully gathered them all up into a book called True Companion that is now available here for preorder.

Pastors’ wives need all the encouragement they can get from one another, and I sincerely hope this book will be a helpful tool for all of you who labor behind the man who labors behind the pulpit, as well as for those of you who labor in other ways in the church.

I have to say that I love the cover. For many years Doug has driven a pick up truck. He started out with an old yellow one. Then came William the Orange (a very old truck that once drifted out of its parking space and into busy traffic…). And then ten years ago he was upgraded to a much newer green one, which he still drives (and loves). I think they have all been Fords…and I don’t know if the one on the cover of my book is or not. But still. It’s cute.

If you click on over to Canon, you’ll see the fun deals they are offering.

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5 thoughts on “True Companion

  1. I will be reading this! I’ve been searching for quite some time for a good book on this very subject. My husband will be ordained (Lord wiling) next Spring, and I am scared spitless of being an elder’s wife. 🙂

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