Childhood Cancer

Some of you may have a child with cancer, you may have cancer yourself, or you may have a friend with a child who is fighting cancer. But even if you don’t, you will still be blessed and encouraged to read this mother’s story of her son’s battle with leukemia. The battle isn’t over yet, but she has tasted the Lord’s victory over her own fear and worry.

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4 thoughts on “Childhood Cancer

  1. It was shortly before Jonah was diagnosed that you gave a plug for Hannah’s blog here on Femina. Just a little thing, but I remember thinking that I hoped some folks had started following it so they could follow Jonah’s story and be encouraged by the family’s faith.

  2. Valerie, I did! We have been praying for Jonah and his fam here in Tanzania, and we have indeed been hugely encouraged! Nearly every time I read it I pray that God would give me the same grace and trust if He should see fit to send our family a trial of that sort.

  3. My brother’s little boy died at 28 days.This was about ten years ago. My brother and sister-in-law’s faith has been amazing to behold. I have, for a long time, thought my sister in law is the godliest person in the family.

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