Another Give Away

Since you all were so eager for the last Christmas giveaway (congratulations, Melissa!) here’s another one, very literally hot off the press. This time it is for the older woman on your Christmas list. Leave a comment, and we’ll draw the winner on December 5!

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53 thoughts on “Another Give Away

  1. Yes please!! I’d read it! I’m up to my ear lobes in the business of little people. But I still get a heap of wisdom out of the things you share.

  2. My shelves, my husband’s shelves, my daughter’s shelves and my son’s shelves are graced with books by the Wilson family!! What insight and joy you have all brought us in your writings! I would love to add this one to my shelf!!

  3. A couple Christmases ago my MIL gifted me several of Nancy’s books. I’d love to gift her this one this year.

  4. Would love to give this to my mom (after reading it myself first). Already got a lot of good out of it just reading the excerpt.

  5. I bought this for my mom for her birthday on Nov 23 – she devoured it and loved it and sent out a mass text to other older women she meets with recommending it very highly! she also shared highlights with me – THANK YOU for writing this book! it’s been such a help and encouragement to her, and hopefully to many more! would love to win another copy for my mother-in-law!

  6. Thanks for blogging! It is such an encouragement and a nice shift in perspective every time. Thank you:)

  7. Would love to read this book as I am a pastor’s wife who has reached her mid-fifties and am daily ministering to international women in Europe.

  8. Thank you so much for writing this. I am a relatively new mother-in-law and a new grandma. I can’t wait to read the book,

  9. And the winner is……Rachel D!
    And sending thanks to all of you ladies who left a comment as well. Merry Christmas!

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