A Baker’s Dozen

Recently when talking with my son about the blessings God has been pouring out on our family and our congregation, he compared God’s blessings to a big, heavy basket of fruit which is not always easy to carry. A huge load of heavy gifts requires a strong set of shoulders to bear. That has been a wonderful analogy for me ever since. And when we got the very exciting word yesterday that our youngest is bearing twins, I thought again of this heavy basket of fruit. But God gives us the shoulders to bear the incredible blessings He graciously pours out on us. Twins! This will make a baker’s dozen of grandchildren for us! We are overjoyed and thrilled. This morning my daughter got out the pictures from the ultrasound just to double check that she hadn’t been dreaming the whole thing up. No, there they are: twin A and twin B. Miraculous! What mercies surround us on every side.

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5 thoughts on “A Baker’s Dozen

  1. As a mother of twins myself, I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS…you are definately in for some fun times! I am very excited for you all! It is hard in the beginning, I won’t lie, (especially as our boys made an early appearance at 29 weeks.) I do LOVE your fruit basket analogy…so true! I will be praying for a healthy pregnancy for your daughter! And tell her to enjoy every minute this exciting time in her life! Please keep us posted!

  2. Twins!!How wonderful!!Your brother has twins right?Give Rachel a big hug for me(how about two of them!)

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