The Salt Pig

Last Christmas our friends at sent our family each a salt pig. Now I had never heard of such a thing before. It is a little crock with an open front and a nob on the top, and you keep your salt in it near your stove top. I have really been enjoying mine, and I fill it with Kosher salt, or the Maldon salt I brought back from England. I carried the Merkles’ salt pig over to England for them when I went in January, and Bekah has hers strategically located by her stove as well. It’s a very handy gadget and I heartily recommend it. My younger daughter has not an inch of space in her kitchen where she can put her salt pig, so her husband has adopted it for the time being, and it is a treat pig on his desk at the office. So treat yourself and all your family to a salt pig if you are looking for a unique gift. It’s the fun stuff.

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3 thoughts on “The Salt Pig

  1. Me: (points to screen)”That’s a salt pig.”
    Husband: “What’s an assault pig?”

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