Heading Home

This is the first time I’ve tried to write in an airport, though my husband does it quite capably all the time. We’ve had a very blessed time in Virginia and then in Atlanta at the ACCS conference. It is a real pleasure to see our out-of-town friends. Quite a bit of mutual encouragement and catching up happens at these get togethers. One of the encouraging things is hearing (and seeing) what God is doing around the country. Though we can know this all the time, still, seeing it first hand is another thing. Many good folks are seeing God bless their labors in wonderful ways.
So we are headed home. It is time, and past time, to get home. Hopefully I will have something to write when I have waded through the laundry. Have a good Lord’s Day tomorrow!

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One thought on “Heading Home

  1. We just had our first “Sabbath Feast” tonight and it was a delight! My husband had mentioned it, in passing, a month or so ago after reading something written by your husband. We both forgot about it and so when I read some of your posts on the topic we were reminded to get started. Thank you for reminding us all to set aside some time to truly feast, to toast, and to bless one another on the Lord’s Day. Enjoy being back at home. I am sure you will sleep well tonight!

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